• Charming Yield Nature Nook Hotel (CYNN Hotel) is China’s first Han & Tang Dynasty Culture-themed hotel.
  • With an area of 170,000 square meters, it is designed by a designer team made up of Chinese Singaporean.
  • The hotel is equipped with perfect and up-to-date intelligent guestroom systems.
  • It devotes itself to building a top Chinese hotel brand so as to show China’s great aspiration and let the world share China’s pride and marvelous Chinese Han culture.



  • Located at the intersection between 1st Ring Road and North Kehua Road, Chengdu.
  • CYNN Hotel owns 526 luxury guestrooms, capable of accommodate 3,000 persons simultaneously to attend a meeting or enjoy foods. Each characteristic suite has an independent private garden.
  • The hotel is equipped with various facilities, such as CYNN Theater, banquet center, wedding center, business center, fitness center, and entertainment center, capable of meeting different elites’ various demands.

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